Services Offered to Employers

Services Offered to Employers:

  • Defending Discrimination Claims
  • Defending Harassment Claims
  • Defending Hostile Work Environment Claims
  • Defending Retaliation Claims
  • Defending Injured Worker Discrimination Claims
  • Defending Wrongful Discharge Claims
  • Defending Sexual Harassment Claims
  • Defending Whistleblowing Claims
  • Defending Wage Claims
  • Unemployment Hearings
  • Advice and Negotiation of Separation Agreements and Severance Packages
  • Mediating employer/employee disputes prior to litigation (Mr. Linder isĀ  available to act as a third-party neutral to try to come to reasonable solutions to employment problems. Given the increasing cost of training new employees, Mr. Linder believes this can be used as a cost saving measure to employers to get resolution to common workplace issues before employment relationships have broken down to the point that they are irreparable).
  • Investigating complaints of discrimination or harassment in the workplace
  • Representing employers in administrative claims including unemployment hearings and investigations by the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission