The Law Office of Larry L. Linder, LLC is a general practice law firm that specializes in employment law. The firm offers free telephone consultations.  The firm has various fee structures and when representing employees often uses a contingency fee arrangement in which the firm receives no attorney fees unless there is recovery for the client.

The Law Office of Larry L. Linder, LLC handles all types of discrimination, harassment, retaliation and civil rights matters. Our attorneys have represented clients in approximately 900 employment disputes. We have represented clients throughout the state of Oregon from the Oregon Coast to La Grande and from Portland to Medford. The types of discrimination and harassment claims we handle includes Injured Worker, Sex, Gender, Pregnancy, Age, National Origin, Race, Disability, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Sick Leave, Medical Leave, Domestic Violence Victim, and various other forms of discrimination and harassment.  We represent both public and private sector employees.  Our attorneys handle various types of civil rights matters. We also provides general legal counsel and advice to both employees and employers.

While the vast majority of the firm’s clients are employees, we also represent employers on a case by case basis.  We at the firm believe that, by representing both employees and employers, we have insight that firms that only represent employees or employers do not have.  When representing an employee, we know how employers defend cases and how they make decisions having defended employers.  When representing employers, we have the advantage of not only knowing how employees prosecute claims, but also knowing how other employer attorneys defend claims having gone to battle with them.  With that experience, we can implement the best and most effective practices we have experienced with employer attorneys throughout the state.

Our firm’s mission is to make the workplace better for all, one case at a time.  Our mission is accomplished in part by working tirelessly so that employees that have been legitimately wronged are fairly compensated.  Our mission is also accomplished by representing well minded employers to help them comply with the laws in a time when the laws are increasingly complicated and confusing.  Finally, our mission is accomplished by representing employers when claims are brought against them so that they understand the law and can make decisions based upon whether or not they have violated it.